Chief Financial Officer Roundtable

Tuesday, June 5, 2018
Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center


    9:30AM - 9:45AM   Registration
  12:30PM - 1:20PM   Lunch Sponsored by Baker Tilly
    9:45AM - 9:50AM    Introductions     
  9:55AM - 11:05AM    Conversations of 4: A Peer to
                                       Peer Networking Experience
11:20AM- 12:20PM   Lessons from the Trenches: what Boards
                                       and Management Need to Know  
                                       about Cybersecurity

    1:20PM - 2:20PM     Finance Transformation:
                                        Case Studies on Financial Optimization
     2:30PM - 3:30PM    Market Watch: What's on the Horizon?
     5:30PM - 7:00PM    Private Reception Sponsored by Centric Consulting
     7:00PM - Evening   IASA's Tuesday Evening Networking Event


IASA has partnered with BKD, BMS, Clearwater and Johnson Lambert LLP to bring you expert insight into the following topics:

Conversations of Four: A Peer to Peer Networking Experience    IASA is bringing a new interactive feature to our 2018 Executive Roundtables:  Conversations of Four.  The design of these sessions is based on social research into the value of small-group discussions.  The CFO Roundtable includes three 20-minute conversations of four, with discussion categories suggested by attendees and industry executives.  Within each category there are several topics for discussion. You decide which topics you want to discuss and, with the help of a moderator, the conversations will flow based on the makeup of the group. You can stick with the same topic or change it up each after each round of conversations.

Lessons from the Trenches: What Boards and Management Need to Know about Cybersecurity   With the increase in high profile security breaches in recent years, board members have become much more aware of cybersecurity risks and interested in the security strategies and protocols within the companies they serve. This session will focus on questions and concerns expressed from a board perspective, managing communication with the audit committee and the board as a whole to provide relevant information for their governance responsibilities and the integration of cybersecurity risks as part of a company’s enterprise risk management (ERM) framework.

     Philip Sherrill,
VP of Internal Control and Reporting and Chief Audit Executive, Arkansas Blue Cross Blue Shield
     Devin Shirley, Chief Information Security Officer, Arkansas Blue Cross Blue Shield

Finance Transformation: Case Studies on Achieving Optimization    CFOs are responsible for executing strategies that help achieve financial optimization by increase revenue and reduce costs. One approach that is growing in popularity is the move to a digital transformation and the changes and considerations associated with the application of digital technologies.  This strategy enables new types of innovation and creativity, rather than simply enhancing and supporting traditional methods and provides new ways to achieve financial optimization that increase operational systems, personnel, workflows, and efficiency while decreasing costs.   During this roundtable discussion, hear from CFOs who will provide short case studies on their own process of achieving financial optimization.  Panelists will discuss topics such as turning your cost center into a revenue driver with the ability to scale quickly, rethinking traditional organizational charts and workflows, and adopting new digital tools and systems. Attendees will learn more about key considerations, best practices, and processes from CFOs that have undergone digital transformations in their own organizations and what lessons and takeaways can be gleaned from these experiences.


    Scott Roza,
President of Worldwide Field Operations, Clearwater Analytics

Panelists Include:  
     Jac Amerell,
VP & Enterprise Controller, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan
    Daniel Connell, CFO & Vice President, Pekin Insurance Company
    Ryan Hanson, Financial Accounting Manager, MGIC Investment Corp.
    Curt Caldwell, Senior Vice President, Portfolio Strategies and Management, Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company

Market Watch: What’s on the Horizon?   
This session explores three trending topics in the industry and provides you with information to make better informed business decisions.

1) Convergence of Traditional Reinsurance and Capital Markets We will examine the current landscape of these markets, who have expanded beyond the property catastrophe arena into other lines of insurance such as life, health and workers’ compensation; providing an update to our 2015 CFO RT presentation.

2) Captives — the Basics What are the benefits to forming one (and also the risks)?

3) Macro Effect on the Reinsurance Market Post 2017 ($100b loss year)

  • How the markets have reacted from a capacity and price perspective
  • The impact to carrier stock price, ratings and access to capital
  • How cat models informed the loss and response
  • Impact on reinsurance program structures and buying decisions going forward

     Kristine Westall,
Chief Operating Officer, BMS Re US  

     Stephen Korducki,
President, BMS Re US
     Julie Serakos, EVP Cat Analytics BMS Re US