Chief Investment Officer Roundtable

Monday, June 4, 2018
Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center


12:00PM - 1:00PM  Lunch and Registration​   3:10PM - 4:00PM  Conversations of 4: A Peer to Peer Networking Experience
  1:00PM - 2:00PM  Rules, Regulation, and Governance:
                                   The Impact on Your Portfolio

 2:10PM - 3:00PM   Is Your Portfolio Stressed?
  4:00PM - 5:00PM   KEYNOTE SPEAKER:  Peter Zeihan, Geopolitical Strategist
                   5:00PM   Private Reception with Sponsors

IASA has partnered with Miles Capital, New England Asset Management, Prime Advisors and SS&C to bring you expert insight into the following topics:

Rules, Regulation, and Governance: The Impact on Your Portfolio    Between the NAIC, DOL, FRB, PBR, ERM, ORSA, Solvency II, and others, the regulatory landscape for insurers is increasingly complex and ever changing. Representatives from the NAIC, state insurance divisions, and industry will participate in an engaging panel to discuss the current trends and the outlook, not only for regulation, but also for the potential impacts of these regulations on asset portfolios.
  • Gain clarity on current trends in regulation and the evolution of corporate governance requirements
  • Understand the risks and opportunities for your portfolio
  • Discuss best practices on working with regulators

Is Your Portfolio Stressed?   Panelists will review various tiered segments of portfolio allocations and some key metrics while providing an overview on the economic backdrop. The panel discussion will include “what if” scenarios in a stress tested environment across the various segments of insurers, including:
  • Differences across similar peers and differences across size will be highlighted.
  • Why some insurers of similar size are better able to handle stressed environments vs. others?
  • How slight allocation changes can have potential meaningful positive impacts across each segment?

Conversations of Four: A Peer to Peer Networking Experience  
IASA is bringing a new interactive feature to our 2018 Executive Roundtables: Conversations of Four. The design of these sessions is based on social research into the value of small-group discussions. The Chief Investment Officer Roundtable includes four 15-minute conversations of four, with discussion categories suggested by attendees and industry executives. Within each category there are several topics for discussion. You decide which topics you want to discuss and, with the help of a moderator, the conversations will flow based on the makeup of the group. You can stick with the same topic or change it up each after each round of conversations. Topics will include:
  • Tax and Regulatory
  • Stress Testing / Asset Allocation
  • Technology
  • Managing Talent
  • Industry Trends

What Every Financial Professional Should Know About Geopolitics - Peter Zeihan, Geopolitical Strategist
Geopolitics is the study of how place impacts people whether that impact be cultural, military, economic, political or financial. Everything from how banks lend to how stocks are traded is heavily colored by where one lives, and understanding the unspoken, and often unacknowledged, rules of the game can prove critical to financial success. Peter explains how geography impacts the various regions differently, how this elevates some sectors while enervating others, and what sort of surprises, both good and bad, are about to burst onto the stage.