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Thank you for providing your time and talents to IASA as a speaker.  IASA's tradition is "Education Excellence" and your contribution to IASA 2018 not only helps us to achieve that goal, but it improves the industry as well!

Important Note for All Speakers

NASBA requires us to have an updated speaker's biography each year you present. Please submit your biography by May 30, 2018 using the form below.

Deadlines for 2017-2018

Preparing a Presentation for IASA 2018:

Speaker Power Point Template Please download this template to use when creating your presentation.

2018 Education Planning Guide

POLL EVERYWHERE:  https://www.polleverywhere.com/
Create your poll
You will pay for this and submit to IASA by June 25th  for reimbursement include a copy of your receipt and poll results and the payee name and address. 
If you set it up and do not use it, you will not be reimbursed.  No reimbursements after June 25th.
There is a free sign up, a basic for $19 and a Presentation for $79 that are reimbursable by IASA. (3 month max) 

Audio Visual Equipment Provided:

On-site at the Convention Center, IASA will provide the following equipment in each Technical Session Room:
  • LCD Computer Projector for displaying Presentations. Laptops and/or Computers are not provided by IASA.
  • PLEASE  bring your own Laptop and make sure your presentation is loaded onto your computer.We will have appropriate adapters for your equipment.   We must know by May 10th if the speaker will be using any device other than a PC.  This way we will be sure to have correct cables needed for projection.  Projectors do not have bluetooth. (Pleaase let us know if you have a surface so that we will have the proper cables)
  • Appropriate sized screen for the room
  • Podium and Table Top Microphones as needed
Equipment Requests: Additional equipment can be requests must be sent to your Program Director (see emails below) and will obtain approval from the VP of Education; IASA will, at its own discretion, approve or disapprove all requests based on cost implications.  Access to the Internet is not provided in any Technical Session Room.  If your presentation requires it you must request it.  

Program Directors:
ARF – Margarete Chalker, Margarete.Chalker@PlanteMoran.com  
TECH – Beth Bartlick, Beth.Bartlick@oceanwide.com
PD – Tina Nacy, TNacy@MAIPF.org

Planning for your participation in IASA 2018:

Registering to Attend the Conference: 
(Please note Speaker Policy has changed please click on the link below based on your member type) Click on the appropriate link to register.  

Insurance Carrier Speakers ONLY 

Associates, Exhibitors & Consultant Speakers  


Arriving at the Conference:

All IASA Technical Sessions and event functions will be held at the Opryland Convention Center.  IASA speakers will pick up their badges from the main registration desk located in Ryman Hall C of the Gaylord Convention Center.  Simply follow the IASA branded posted signs in the convention center area to the "Attendee Registration Area." 
Moderators will also receive their badges from the main registration desk.  Please note however, that all Moderators will need to check in at the Program Control room to pick up session materials.  

If you have any questions or need some additional information about speaking at IASA, please contact your Co-Chair (That would be the person who recruited you to speak at IASA 2018) or simply send your question to Gina Jolly

Once again, we thank you for sharing your time and knowledge at IASA's Annual Educational Conference and Business Show.