John Ellis
Former Head of Technology at Ford, Author and Entrepreneur
Trends in Technology

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Imagine a world where the data about an object is more valuable than the object itself.  A car is a perfect example.  Cars are now outfitted with sensors that gather valuable information about the driver and road conditions.  What if the driver could trade that information for money?  That information could be so valuable that it could pay for the car.  That world is closer than you may think.  Big data is just one example of a continuing trend in technology that will change the business models of the world’s leading sectors like transportation, insurance, telecommunications, government and home building.

John Ellis, a global technology expert, will provide a glimpse into the ongoing trends in technology and what it may mean for the future of customer experience, business industries and the development of tomorrow’s products.  John was most recently Global Technologist and Head of the Ford Developer Program with Ford Motor Company.  Prior to that, John spent most of his career at Motorola, where he held key leadership positions in engineering, product management, software & services, marketing and strategy.  He is also the author of the Zero Dollar Car: How the Revolution in Big Data will Change Your Life.