Josh Schneider
Founder and CEO, Millennial & Employee Engagement Institute
Innovation of Human Performance and Personal Engagement

Come learn innovate your approach to work. Tap into a new level of energy and excitement towards performance at work.  As you redesign you experience and take ownership of your personal engagement – you will unlock stores of latent energy and create breakthrough results.

This important message will drive you to discover something new as you move towards harnessing the power of personal engagement.  Josh will coach you through taking control of your personal leadership development by equipping you to overcome barriers and hold on through unknown conditions and changes.  He will introduce fresh research with examples of success that encourage and better the human condition.

You will emerge with innovative approaches to unleashing their best work.  Josh will prepare you to take the right actions and bring more passion and purpose to your performance at work.  Whether it is adopting a growth mindset or leading from your strengths, one degree of change from this session will have a lasting impact.