Monday, June 5    3:30pm - 5:00pm

Career Skills Development | Session#222 | Value Driven Leadership
As leaders, we are confronted daily with situations that test our values such as integrity, commitment to our families, trust and confidentiality.

This is an interactive session on defining, clarifying, and challenging the personal insights and values we hold through exercises, case studies and open discussion.

Designed to be thought provoking and insightful; this session will leave you with lots to think about. It will enable your leadership teams to continue building meaningful dialog and insights with one another and is an excellent opportunity to build new teams quickly and deepen the understanding and communication of existing organizations.  

SPEAKER:  Kevin Ryan, National Director, Regional Leadership Forum (RLF)

Tuesday, June 6    9:45am - 10:45am

Career Skills Development | Session #321 | Emotional Intelligence
Many of us don’t know how to acknowledge the emotion happening inside us. Yes, we all have emotions. The tendency can be to put our emotions on lockdown until we can no longer keep them in and then they sneak out on us without warning, sometimes at very inopportune times.

Have you ever left a meeting and said ‘Did I say that out loud? This session will bring some awareness as to why emotional intelligence is important and why those who have a higher awareness of their emotional intelligence progress further their career than those who don’t. It will also provide resources and tools for you to follow up and do some further work on your EQ.

SPEAKER: Cheryl Morgan, Travelers

Monday, June 5   3:30pm - 5:00pm

Technology | Session #273 | Can Agile and Waterfall Co-Exist?

When engaging in a Agile transformation, it often takes years for an organizational change to take place. In the interim, most organizations will have both Agile and Waterfall SDLCs. In addition, many suppliers and vendors will often continue to be Waterfall based. So how can these two dramatically different frameworks coordinate to deliver value across the enterprise?  This session will discuss:
  • The differences between waterfall and Agile delivery
  • An introduction to SAFe
  • How SAFe enables cadences and synchronization between Agile and Waterfall teams
  • Implementation of a mixed mode of operation
SPEAKER:  Joe Vallone, Scaled Agile Inc.