IASA is a non-profit, education association that strives to enhance the knowledge of insurance professionals, and participants from similar organizations closely allied with the insurance industry by facilitating the exchange of ideas and information. IASA is one of the insurance industry's largest, and most well represented trade associations. IASA membership includes insurance companies of all types (Property & Casualty, Life, Health, Fraternal, HMO and others) as members, as well as companies serving the insurance industry, regulators and also organizations more broadly representative of the financial services industry, including banks and investment brokerage firms.

IASA Mission

The mission of IASA is to initiate, enable and facilitate the exchange of educational information, best practices and innovative ideas among insurance related professionals to enhance the effectiveness of these individuals, their employers and the insurance industry as a whole.

Who We Are and What We Do

IASA is a non-profit, education association and one of the leading member-driven insurance organizations.  It is comprised of volunteers from the insurance carriers and solution providers working together to deliver first class educational events, highlighted by an annual conference.  IASA offers a suite of education and networking opportunities through events, services and other resources delivered to members and customers both in-person and on-line.  IASA’s success is accomplished with a small full-time staff through coordinated initiatives at both a national and local chapter level.

IASA Vision

We will develop and produce “best of class” educational and networking opportunities, at an affordable cost, in a manner that attracts members and volunteers, allowing them and their companies the opportunity for enhanced growth and continued success.

IASA Objectives

  •     We will provide members/participants with a clear understanding of the educational foundation and disciplines required in the insurance industry in various areas with a focus on accounting, finance, risk management, investments, operations, technology  and careers skills. In addition, we strive to enhance the conversation around emerging trends and issues.
  •     We will aid members/participants in applying knowledge consistent with "best practices" and industry standards and assist in creating "better practices" founded on new and innovative solutions enabled by technology.
  •     We will offer members/participants networking opportunities and access to industry experts and solution providers in order to assist them in addressing key issues for individuals and their employers, expanding their individual professional competencies.


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