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We invite you to keep submitting great content for consideration for future events with IASA. 
Our new 365 portal will allow you to submit your proposal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

The submission site is easy to use and will provide an improved user experience for submitters and speakers.  You will be able to create, submit and modify your topic from one central location.  Our goal is to offer sessions that meet the educational needs of attendees through real-world case studies and examples presented by leaders and experts from insurance and financial services companies. 

Interested in submitting for our June 2021 event? 
We will open an additional Call for Content through a separate portal in the submission site so watch your email for updates.  

Please continue reading for topic ideas, instructions for submission and information on the evaluation and acceptance process.

The 365 Call for Content Portal is Now Open!

Topics for Consideration

The Education Committee has listed topics below for consideration.  This list is not intended to limit the focus of submissions and we encourage and welcome the suggestion of other industry topics.

Information Technology

  • Emerging Technology
  • System Transformations
  • Data Architecture
  • Project Management
  • Business Intelligence/AI
  • Enterprise Data Management


  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Reinsurance
  • Pricing
  • Actuarial
  • Modeling
  • Internal Controls/SOX and MAR
  • Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity
  • Cyber
  • Privacy/Fraud
  • Third Party Risk Management (may be covered in Bus Ops)
  • Operational Risk
  • Pandemic/Safety/Interruption (could be covered in Op Risk
  • Risk Tolerance and Appetite
  • Emerging Risks
  • Incident Management/Risk Events


  • Accounting
  • FP&A
  • Cash/Liquidity Management
  • Investments
  • Tax
  • 'Risk Based Capital
  • Capital Management
  • Budgeting


Business Operations

  • Claims
  • Policy Services (Premium)
  • Product Development
  • Vendor management
  • System Transformations
  • Strategy Development
  • Project Portfolio Planning
  • Culture

Executive Leadership
  • C-Suite

Hot Topics
  • Your Choice of Industry Trends


  • Strategy
  • Customer-centricity


  • SEC Compliance
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Ethics

Women In Leadership
  • Work/Life Balance
  • Breaking the Glass Ceiling
  • Navigating the Corporate Ladder 

Human Resources

  • Career Development
  • Leadership
  • Skills Development
  • Training & Development


Diversity & Inclusion
  • Creating an Inclusive Work Environment
  • Promoting LGBTQI in the Work Place
  • Multi-generational Work Force
  • Unconscious Bias

Submission Content Information

The following fields must be completed in order to submit, even if the information may change. 

  • Presentation title 
  • Presenters, if currently identified (contact and bio information required)
  • Estimated session length (15-30, 30-45, 45-60, 60, 90 mins)
  • Format: Multiple Speakers, Panel Discussion (moderator facilitated), Single Speaker
  • Track 
    • Accounting/Finance
    • IT
    • Risk
    • Business Operations 
    • Human Resources
    • Marketing
    • Legal
    • Hot Topics
    • Other - add suggested track
  • Ability Level
  • Abstract/Description
  • Basic Learning Objectives for attendees
  • Target audience 

Learning Objectives

  Proposals should provide attendees:

  • New skills, capabilities, and behaviors that attendees can apply to their daily work
  • Real-life examples or case studies that contribute to the advancement of the industry
  • Technologies, trends, and insights into best practices
  • Leadership skills that demonstrate effective problem solving, communication, and engagement

Session Types & Processes

Session Types
IASA is looking for proposals that appeal to all types of learners. In order to have the best educational experience for the participants in your session, IASA is looking to move away from the traditional lecture-based educational session to a more participant-based educational session.  Some types are:

  • Problem Solving - speakers pose a problem and lead attendees through exercises to develop solutions
  • Experimental/Case Study – speakers review a case study and lessons learned
  • Interactive Presentation and Group Discussions


Submission Process

Proposals will be accepted 365 days a year for consideration for our next big event.

Evaluation Process

The selection process is highly competitive.  Proposals will be evaluated using the following criteria:

  • Overall quality of submission content
  • Well-defined educational objectives
  • Relevancy of content to the industry
  • Presentation skill and experience of the proposed speaker(s)
  • Topic and content applicability to a broad audience

The educational component of IASA events seeks to educate its audience on relevant topics.  Please refrain from promotional references.


Acceptance Process

If your proposal is accepted, an invitation to participate will be sent to you with additional details.  Additional requirements and registration information will be provided to all speakers upon acceptance.