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The eInterpreter is a monthly email broadcast that includes industry and IASA news, a calendar of current events, announcements of new members, products and featured articles.  This timely publication keeps you in touch with everything going on at IASA and includes notable industry highlights.  All individuals connected with IASA are eligible to receive the eInterpreter. 

eInterpreter Archives

The eInterpreter is being archived in a new format and will be available going forward from the January 2015 issue.
Please follow the links below to access each issue's landing page. Individual articles will be listed on each landing page.

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Member Announcements

Do you have an announcement you would like to be issued in next month's eInterpreter? Please fill out the Member Announcements Submission Form and send it to Tricia Stillman @ tstillman@iasa.org. We genuinely
appreciate your time and submissions.