Kerry Crockett, MBA, CAE, CMP, DES, IASA - CEO

Chuck Gunkel, IASA - Vice President of Business Development   

     - Business Development Initiatives
          - Membership
          - Sponsorships/Exhibits
          - Other revenue generating areas
     - Growth of volunteer base
     - Expansion of local chapters


Gina Jolly, IASA - Assistant Vice President of Operations and Administration   

     - Management of day to day operations of International Office
     -  Business Show
     - Accounting, Invoices & Approvals
     - Annual Budget preparation
     - Staff liaison to the Board and co-liaison to the Exhibits, Nominating and Chapter Advisory Committees

Tricia Stillman,
IASA - Assistant Vice President of Education and Systems   

     - Education Program and Speaker Preparation
     - e-Learning
     - Publications 
     - Volunteer Development
     - Technology Projects and Data Maintenance
     - Staff liaison to the Education, Volunteer Development, e-Learning, Marketing and Advisory Committees
     - Co-Liaison to the Nominating and Publications Committees

Parshy Phillips, IASA - Director of Marketing & Communications

      - Developing and implements the long-term marketing
          and communication strategy for the IASA brand
       - Plans, develops and implements all marketing strategies, 
       - Co-liaison to the Marketing & Communications, Chapter Advisory, Education, 
          Executive Education, Business Show, Membership and Volunteer Development Committees

Sheila White-Smith, IASA - Senior Manager of Membership
     - Membership
     - Textbook fulfillment
     - Executive Education Program
     - Staff liaison to the Membership Committee
     - Co-liaison to the Publications and Executive Education Program Committees


  Angie Gurganus, IASA - Manager of Chapter Events  

     - Event Management for all local Chapters
     - Back office duties including:
          - database maintenance
          - event registration and set-up
          - CPE credits and other administrative functions
          - Staff liaison to the Chapter Advisory Committee