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IASA values its volunteers and strives to use them at the most strategic level, providing you with valuable leadership opportunities.  There are hundreds of volunteers supporting the association.  Volunteers serve on the Board of Directors and in various committees as they represent the interests of the membership. 

The efforts of these volunteers help the Association deliver exceptional value to our broad membership throughout the insurance industry.  These contributions benefit not only the industry, but also the individual, and their employer.  It also ensures that IASA retains a close linkage with the needs of industry professionals. 

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Volunteer Awards

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Every year IASA volunteers vote for, and award, local and national volunteers for outstanding contributions throughout the year and winners are recognized at the IASA Annual Educational Conference and Business Show.  Nominations are reviewed and voted on at the Spring Planning Meeting each year.  Make sure those volunteers who shine get noticed. Submit your nominations now.

2019-2020 Nominees and Winners Recognized

Check out 2019-2020's outstanding list of nominees and winners, and join us in congratulating them for outstanding volunteer service!

Volunteer Leadership Resources

Leadership Resources

For Nominating, Board, Committee Chairs and Sub-Committee Chairs: Log in here to access leadership resources to assist you in leading your committees.

One of the best professional development experiences...

"I have been engaged with the IASA for about ten years through at the local and national levels. Originally, as someone new to the industry the IASA helped me to get up to speed on the current economic and technology trends impacting the industry. More important, it provided a network of industry experts that I can reach out to with questions and that has helped me grow personally and professionally.

Personally, I believe that my involvement as a Volunteer has helped me develop both my technical and “soft skills”. As a Finance and Accounting professional, I have been able to be engaged in activities that keep me informed on industry trends, while exposing me to activities that I would not be engaged in through my normal routine activities. For example, I have had the opportunity to actively participate on activities related to marketing, educational content development, and supporting a large conference.

 From an organizational perspective, I believe that benefits have also been substantial. The support of my IASA activities, has demonstrated a commitment to my professional growth and on‐going development. Additionally, I have been able to leverage the skills I have learned with IASA in an impactful way within my organization. Due to the additional interaction with network peers, I have able to strengthen my interpersonal communication skills, inform leadership of technology and business trends, and helped identify solution providers for upcoming project needs. Overall, I think that volunteering with the IASA has been one of the best professional development experiences of my career. It has helped me to accelerate my personal and professional growth and helped me to see the value that my company places on investing in our people.

 Jason Nickles, IASA CIO and former Vice President - e-Learning
AVP - Assistant Controller, Western and Southern Life Insurance Company