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IASA is one of the insurance industry's largest, and most well represented trade associations.  IASA membership includes insurance companies of all type (Property & Casualty, Life, Health, Fraternal, HMO and others) as members, as well as companies serving the insurance industry, regulators and also organizations more broadly representative of the financial services industry, including banks and investment brokerage firms.

The IASA Membership Directory below contains the company type, contact and representative information for all current IASA members and is an exclusive IASA member benefit.  A Line of Business Code Legend for Regular member companies is also provided for your convenience.

Note: The IASA Membership Directory is made available to all members as an industry resource in PDF format and is not available in other formats for the use of bulk or targeted marketing.

IASA membership offers several ways to access industry expertise on a wide variety of topics.  The Membership Search feature below will return information on industry member individuals or companies.

Access our Membership Directory and Member Search Feature here and expand your network of resources today!