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Save the Date for New Orleans 2021 Conference!

Save the Date for New Orleans in 2021!
We are hopeful that we will be able to meet again as one community, in the Big Easy!

Please save the date for our next IASA Annual Conference set for New Orleans, Louisiana. Join us for the education and networking you need, and stay and experience that NOLA hospitality and culture of great jazz, unique culinary food and fun!

IASA Annual Conference
New Orleans Ernest N. Morial Convention Center
New Orleans, LA
June 13-16, 2021

Get ready to have a good time on the bayou!
Get ready for the IASA Annual Conference in the bayou 2021.

IASA Happenings

Coming Soon...the new IASA eLearning Center

We are putting the finishing touches on the new IASA eLearning Center! This educational hub is dedicated to on-demand, customized learning, at a personalized pace for insurance professionals like you. Our new eLearning Center will offer a robust collection of CPE content, organized by categories or event for a better, user-friendly experience that can be personalized for your needs.

If you attended IASA Xchange, please be on the lookout for future communications about an exclusive preview of our new IASA eLearning Center. As an attendee, you will have exclusive first access to our new site where you can log in, browse around, and relive the IASA Xchange conference while experiencing new sessions that you weren't able to attend in June. We are excited about this new IASA offering and hope you will be too!

We are putting the finishing touches on the new IASA eLearning Center!

IASA Announces Laurie Macklosky as IASA President 2020-2021


DURHAM, NC JULY 2020 -- IASA is proud to announce Laurie Macklosky to serve as IASA President for the 2020-2021 term, effective July 1, 2020.  

“Laurie Macklosky is a dynamic leader within the Insurance Industry and has made countless contributions to IASA, and she will be a tremendous asset to IASA during transitional times in her role as President,” said Kerry Crockett, IASA Chief Executive Officer. “She is taking the helm during unprecedented times, and her vision coupled with calm and steadfast leadership is paramount to IASA’s continued growth and successes for our members. I look forward to partnering with her as, together with the IASA Board of Directors, we will create a new vision and strategies that will chart a new path for IASA and our community for years to come.”

Laurie Macklosky has expertise in launching Lean Portfolio Execution practices, including Strategy, Capability Management, Business Architecture, and Product Management. Macklosky is currently AVP of Business Execution at The Hartford leading Small Commercial and Personal Lines portfolios with a focus on the adoption of Agile practices. Prior to joining The Hartford, she helped build a Business Insurance Operating Model organization leading transformation initiatives for CMP, Property, GL, and Umbrella through multi-year scaled Agile programs. Macklosky has been an IASA volunteer for well over ten years, most recently holding VP of Executive Education, CIO, and President-Elect positions. She resides in Bristol CT with her husband of 32 years, Rick, and they have two adult children, of which they are extremely proud.

“I am excited to be IASA President during this amazing time of change we are about to embark on. We are identifying new opportunities for growth, innovation, efficiency, and engagement, and I look forward to seeing our plans come to fruition,” said Laurie Macklosky, IASA President.  “We are focused on providing more services to our members with enhanced high-quality education programs. We will expand on these while introducing new initiatives, as we further define IASA as the leader in sharing industry trends. By building new and strengthening existing relationships with like-minded insurance organizations throughout the US, we will expand our footprint by developing cutting-edge educational content presented by the leading experts in their fields for new sectors of the insurance industry.”

About IASA:
IASA is a non-profit, education association that promotes and encourages the knowledge of insurance professionals, and industry partners by facilitating the exchange of ideas and information. IASA is one of the insurance industry's largest, and most well-represented trade associations. IASA’s membership consists of thousands of individual members and nationally recognized insurance companies of all types (Property & Casualty, Life, Health, Fraternal, HMO and others), as well as industry partners serving the insurance industry, regulators and other organizations more broadly representative of the financial services industry, including banks and investment brokerage firms.  In addition to its annual conference, IASA supports 24 regional chapters, a wide variety of online learning opportunities and publishes two textbooks, Life & Health Insurance Accounting and Property & Casualty Insurance Accounting.

To find out more about IASA, visit our website at
Contact: Parshy Phillips
Director of Marketing & Communications, IASA

IASA is proud to announce Laurie Macklosky to serve as IASA President for the 2020-2021 term, effective July 1, 2020.

A message from the President - Carlos Correa

2019-2020  IASA President - Carlos Correa
A “Time of Change” that was the message in my speech at the conference last year. I was referring to the innovation and advancement occurring in our industry. This is how I started my year as President. Who knew at the time how much of a “Year of Change” this would become?

The year began with the departure of the Executive Director and the search for a replacement. This search took several months culminating successfully in the hire of Kerry Crockett.

IASA then started our strategic initiatives, which included changes and improvements to the annual conference. Our goal is to increase engagement on the show floor by bringing stages with content into the “Hive”. As the year progressed, we were all impacted by the COVID-19 Pandemic which forced us to shelter in place and change the way we work and live. I hope that everyone has been safe and healthy during these times and my condolences to those who have suffered a loss.   

"May you live in interesting times" is an English expression which purports to be a translation of a traditional Chinese curse. While seemingly a blessing, the expression is normally used ironically; life is better in "uninteresting times" of peace and tranquility than in "interesting" ones, which are usually times of trouble. I have come to not like this saying very much. This year of my presidency has been altogether too interesting. 

The Pandemic has forced us to pivot as a result IASA Exchange was born. We are excited to offer this virtual conference during what has become our new normal. We look forward to bringing the same great content to our members and thank all the staff and volunteers for their hard work in making this event a reality. 

My time as president is now coming to an end. I am grateful and proud of how IASA has navigated these interesting times and I look forward to the great future the association has instore. As I said last year we can adapt to survive or innovate to thrive. IASA has done a great job of innovating during this challenging year. I look forward to the next time we can see each other in person, and I thank Kerry for her leadership this year and in years to come. Thank you all. 


A Message from IASA President - Carlos Correa.

And the winners are....


Congratulations to ALL 2019-2020 

IASA Volunteer Nominees and  





New Volunteer of the Year



Haley Bourke

The Hartford


JoLayna Arndt
JLK Rosenberger 
Edward Banks
OBRIEN Insurance Solutions 
Haley Bourke
The Hartford




Jeff Flannery
Content Critical Solutions
Dan Gallegos
West Bend Insurance Company
Kit Kovacs
Federal Home Loan Bank 

Volunteer of the Year


Ryan Hanson
Mortgage Guaranty Insurance Corporation

Margo Andersen Maria Bifulco Emily Brawley
Larson & Company

Prudential Financial Clearwater Analytics

Geoff Edwards Sylvia Grotowski Brian Haberman
Church Mutual
Insurance Company

Union Standard 
Insurance Company
Western & Southern Life
Ryan Hanson Terry Olejnik Rachel Perlmutter
  Mortgage Guaranty 
Insurance Corporation 
  Plante Moran     Mortgage Guaranty 
Insurance Corporation

Rod Van Genderen    
Securian Financial Group



Chapter Excellence Volunteer of the Year


IASA Recognizes All Chapter Excellence Nominees!



Harika Crabtree
Southern California

Farmers Insurance 

John Doran

The Travelers 
Julie Leitschuck
Great West Casualty

Joe Nielsen

Ernst & Young 

Steve Nikander
Southern California 

Mercury Insurance 
Caitlin Proudfoot


  Tim Reinert - Midwest  Ben Remke - Carolinas
Brian Shanahan - Indiana
Indiana Farm Bureau Ins Cos

Brian Smith

Rod Van Gendren

Securian Financial Group 
Alicia Williams

Columbia Insurance Group  

And the winners are.....

In-person Chapter Meeting Cancelled
Hold On......We have an Alternative!

By: Rod Van Genderen, Chapter President, IASA Midwest Chapter
Have you ever been the first one to try something new, forged an uncharted path, took a big risk, stepped into the unknown? That is what the Midwest IASA Chapter did when they held the first IASA Virtual Conference on April 23 and 24.   

The Midwest Chapter had to cancel its in-person Spring conference due to recent events related to the Covid-19 pandemic but felt it was important to its attendees to provide an alternative educational opportunity.  With the help of the IASA staff, the Chapter was able to pull together a two-day conference comprised of 3 to 4 hours of sessions per day over two days utilizing the Zoom platform. 

Was it flawless?  Of course not, no conference is.  What it successful?  From the feedback given by attendees, we’d give it a resounding YES!   Was the virtual/online conference engaging?   Attendees had the opportunity to ask questions to the presenters through the Chat and Q&A features and they took full advantage of these features!   In fact, we had the most questions ever asked at one of our conferences.     Overall, the conference accomplished what we had hoped and brought value to the attendees.  

The attendees themselves summed that up best in their responses: engaging, informative, smooth, impressed.   A few of the actual comments were: 
“Great job for everyone putting this together for a virtual conference.  I was very impressed at how smoothly it went!”
“Thank you so much for putting this together! Really appreciate all the hard work and flexibility.”
“You all did a fantastic job with this, thank you for the time and effort you no doubt put into it.”, “Engaging and informative. Thank you!”
“I thought the format worked really well.”
“Huge thanks to everyone responsible for making this happen!”
“Great presentations! Great session, very timely”

At the end of the day, pivoting to a virtual offering was a lot of work, but the experience was exhilarating, full of opportunity and well worth the effort!  

From our family to yours.  Stay safe.  Stay healthy.
Think you have no alternative for industry CPE due to safe distancing guidelines......Think again! IASA has you covered for "VIRTUALLY" all of your CPE needs!

IASA Celebrates Volunteer Appreciation Week!

IASA is celebrating Volunteer Appreciation Week, April  20 - 25th.  Join us daily as we take this opportunity to recognize our volunteers, past and present, for all they do to make IASA the industry resource for excellence in insurance education.  Our volunteers give of themselves week-in and week-out, all year long and it's our privilege to take this special week, to say THANK YOU and WE APPRECIATE YOU, for all you do and all you mean to IASA.  We couldn't do it without you!   Check these and more out on the Volunteer Appreciation Week page, not just this week, but anytime!




A Message from the Executive Director






Volunteers are the lifeblood of IASA. Join us every day this week as we celebrate Volunteer Appreciation Week and our AMAZING volunteers!

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