Join us here all week long
as we celebrate
our volunteers in a
variety of ways.

Monday, April 20

IASA Staff take their hats off to IASA volunteers for all of the selfless time they give of themselves all year long

Volunteer Spotlight:

Scott Bowen

Company: IAT Insurance Group
Years volunteer at IASA: 5 1/2
Committees: Publications, Volunteer Development, e-Learning, Membership
Why I volunteer: IASA volunteering provides me with the opportunity to work on projects I don't get exposure to as an accountant and has expanded my network of insurance industry colleagues.


Cheryl Wojciechowski

Company: CW Accounting Services
Years volunteer at IASA: Cheryl is an 8-year board member of the Michigan Chapter and currently serves as VP for the chapter.  She has also served as a IASA National volunteer for the last 2 years and recently accepted a new role as VP of the Chapter Advisory Committee.
Committees: Chapter Advisory
Why I volunteer:  I volunteer for IASA because of my passion for the insurance industry and the sense of community the Association provides for all its’ members and volunteers.  I attended my first IASA Chapter Conference over 25 years ago as a continuing education session to learn more about the insurance industry.  Spending most of my career working in financial and reinsurance areas for insurance careers has provided a network of long standing relationships with colleagues.  My experience and network enables me to offer support to IASA through my volunteer roles.  I truly enjoy helping others and being part of the IASA Community.

Tuesday, April 21

Ryan Hanson

Company: Mortgage Guaranty Insurance Corporation
Years volunteer at IASA: I've been involved for 5 years. My first planning meeting was in the fall in St. Louis in 2015.
Committees: Education, Executive Education, Management Team
Why I volunteer:  My passion for volunteering with the IASA stems from my thirst for learning about relevant and forward-thinking topics.  The IASA has always been a dependable resource as a member company.  Volunteering has augmented this resource by providing an impressive network of insurance professionals from around the country to call upon for their perspective.  In addition, volunteering has offered a wealth of opportunity to hone personal skills that may not otherwise be available.  This involvement has deepened personal relationships and offered experiences beyond expectations.  Volunteer = Lifelong Relationships = Lifetime Memories.

Margo Andersen

Larson & Company
Years volunteer at IASA: 
Spring 2017 was my first SPM, so 3 years ago.  Tampa was my first volunteer meeting.
Committees: Publications, Marketing, and Professional Development committees. Currently VP Marketing Committee.
Why I volunteer: IASA has brought me not only friends for life but a chance to expand my career skills. I have been able to learn so much more as a volunteer with the opportunities to contribute to the organization than I ever would in my current job. I love the people in IASA, they are the reason I continue to give a little bit of extra time to volunteering. 

Wednesday, April 22

The IASA Board take their hats off to IASA volunteers for their support in carrying out all of the tasks supporting the goals and objectives of the Association throughout the year!

Darin Reffitt

Guidewire Software
Years volunteer at IASA: 
8 Years, started Fall 2012
Committees: Currently participate as VP of eLearning and member of Marketing Committees. Formerly participated on Seminars/Solution Provider Enrichment (Director), Marketing (VP), Social Media (Chair), Exhibits/Vendor Connect Tours (Chair), Volunteer Development, and Education/Professional Development Committees. I’m also on the Board of the Mid-Atlantic Chapter.
Why I Volunteer: I began volunteering as a solution provider wanting to learn more about and engage with the industry. Now, I volunteer because of the relationships I’ve developed and a passion to continue assisting in moving the industry forward through the InsurTech landscape.

Ann Wiesler

Cardinal Investment Managers
Years volunteer at IASA:  Over 
6 years
Committees: I’ve been a National volunteer for 4.5 years (September 2015), started as a Chapter volunteer where I was on the board for 6 years and currently serve on the Membership committee. I have been part of Chapters and Executive Education.
Why I Volunteer: IASA is one of those organizations that you gravitate toward because it is more than just an organization that needs help. The people are the best to be around or I would say more like family; from other volunteers to the staff. IASA is a reflection of what most of us go through in our lives either at work or personally. It challenges us to make the organization stronger and more supportive to its members. I like being a part of the evolution over the years and taking things to the next level. It is not a one way ticket. I’ve grown so much by being a volunteer (talking on stage in front of 100’s of people will get you out of your comfort zone).

Thursday, April 23

We say Thank You to our Board and Management Team for rising to the occasion, no matter the situation,
to getting the business of IASA done, while keeping it entertaining and fun!  

Kristine Weber

Company: BMS Re US

Years volunteer at IASA:  6 years since Spring 2014

Committees: VP of Volunteer Development and also sit on all other committees to keep a pulse on volunteer engagement.
Why I Volunteer: 
I first got involved with IASA after I joined in on the flash mob at the 2013 Annual Conference in Orlando. Any group of volunteers that pulls together a surprise dance number is my kind of organization! In all seriousness, being a member of the IASA has been a great experience both personally & professionally. I have been able to expand my leadership and communication skills, tested and developed my knowledge of the insurance industry, and have expanded my network of insurance professionals many of whom have become great friends!

Friday, April 24

It truly takes a village and we are truly thankful for YOU! 
Happy Volunteer Appreciation Week to All Our Volunteers!!

Click Here and enjoy a little walk down memory lane!

Claire Burke

Company: Dearborn Life Insurance Company

Years volunteer at IASA:  5 years, since Fall meeting 2015

Committees: Management Team, VP-Executive Education
Why I Volunteer: 
I have the opportunity to collaborate and learn from truly exceptional people from across the industry, as well as gain skills and experiences that are outside of my regular day job.