Chapter Volunteer Profile
By Patrick Raleigh, Merrill Corporation, IASA Land O' Lakes Chapter Past President

Featured Volunteer: Sabrina Lemos, Sentinel Security Life Insurance Co, IASA Utah Chapter President


eInterpreter: What was the first IASA Chapter event you attended and what inspired you to go?
Lemos: My first IASA Chapter event was our Utah chapter’s spring luncheon. I had just started working for Sentinel and this was a great opportunity to meet other professionals in the industry as well as exposure to the information presented by the great speakers.

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eInterpreter: What is the biggest benefit of having access to insurance education locally to you and your company?
Lemos: We have been fortunate enough to have Connie Woodroof attend our winter conferences to go over Annual Statement updates, Statutory Accounting Updates and current trends of NAIC updates.  This has been a huge benefit for my department because I am able to have everyone attend and not worry about the expense of travel and extended time away from the office. The chapter presidents have done an excellent job scheduling relevant speakers for our meetings. 

eInterpreter: If money was no object...what would you love to do for a living?
Lemos: I would be a real estate developer. I love the idea of renovating old buildings and homes. Now whether or not I would be good at it is another story but at least my books would be in good order.

eInterpreter: Do you have any hobbies that could affect your personal insurance premiums? 
I love to snowboard and had the opportunity to move where we have the best snow on earth. Being the slightly type A person that I am, I have been wearing a helmet since before they were marketed for the sport along with my roller blade wrist guards.

eInterpreter: Do you volunteer for any other organization other than the IASA? If so, which organization and why?
I need to get more involved. I was very excited at the opportunity to work with the IASA organization and plan to make an effort to continue volunteering in the future. Our company makes a point to support different charities throughout the year and it has been a great opportunity to be exposed to different causes while helping others.

eInterpreter: Besides family and friends, what 3 things could you NOT live without?
I recently attended a Michael Franti concert at Red Butte and my phone somehow ended up in the cooler. As much as I hate to admit it, I cannot live without my phone. I have an incredible staff that allows me to get all of my projects done and lastly I need my daily gym time or a run to keep me sane.

How did you first get started in the insurance industry?
Lemos: I took some time off to have my second child and when I was ready to get back in the workforce, a great friend recommended me to our current company president. I can honestly say I had no desire to go into the insurance industry but am so fortunate that I went to that interview. I love the fast pace and opportunity to work in the many different areas of the business. By far the best thing I have ever done.

eInterpreter: What would you say to a colleague, or even a peer at another company, who has never attended an IASA Chapter event about getting involved?
Take the hour out of your day and go see what your local chapter has to offer. Once you have you will be hooked and I will get to see you at the annual conferences which are definitely worth the time and travel.

eInterpreter: What is your current job and what aspect of your position do you find most rewarding?
I am currently the VP of Finance and Treasurer. This is a really exciting time for our Company with lots of growth and opportunities. I would have to say the most rewarding aspect of my position is the ability to be a part of a great team that continues to supersede our corporate goals. 

eInterpreter: So after a tough your release a good workout, a certain food, or something over ice?
I have really great neighbors and during the summer it is not uncommon to see us in the front yard enjoying a cocktail and take out. With the liquor
laws we have in Utah I have been delightfully surprised by the local brewery offerings. There is nothing like a Wasatch’s Off Duty IPA waiting for me in my Yeti colster when I walk through the door.

Pictured: Sabrina & Family