Excel Tip of the Month - August 2016
Making Filters Easier
By Aaron Cooper, Partner, Brown Smith Wallace

How many times have you been working with your claims or policyholder data in Excel and filtering data to get the information that you need? I find myself doing this frequently. It’s not easy to make quick changes to those filters, and I typically get a bit frustrated with the process.  There is an easier way!  In our June 2016 Excel webinar, we explored PivotTables and the advantages of using slicers to filter data.  Slicers are not just for PivotTables, they work with any table!  The next time you work with a dataset to get some basic analysis, format your data as a table (on the “Insert” Ribbon), and then apply a slicer (on the “Insert” Ribbon).  Don’t forget, holding the “Ctrl” key down while selecting items in your slicer will allow you to select multiple items (holding “Shift” will allow you to select a range).


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Aaron is a partner in the Brown Smith Wallace Insurance Advisory Services practice. He’s a regular content contributor to IASA national and the St. Louis chapter. You can reach Aaron at acooper@bswllc.com. For more hints and tips, please sign up for our Excel Series webinar taking place on September 27th at 2pm Eastern, 11am Pacific.

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