August 2017 President's Message
By Rod Travers, IASA President 2016-2017

Throughout our industry there are success stories unfolding every day.  Sometimes these are high-profile such as those involving great financial performance, new systems coming online, and innovative products and branding that generate consumer interest.  And there are even more success stories that aren’t so high-profile because they happen behind the scenes.  Such as rolling out better methods for processing business, home-grown technology innovations, more effective ways for assessing and managing risk, etc.  All of these stories are important because they represent evolution and improvement in our industry.  And every story has the people who made it all happen.  


At the IASA Annual Conference in June, we have the opportunity to share those success stories and learn from others.  I hope you will consider sharing such a story from your industry experiences by responding to the IASA Call for Papers.  

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You can learn about the Call For Paper process by watching this informative IASA webinar. Then submit your speaking proposal via the link above or at  We want to hear from you!


Next month a group of dedicated IASA volunteers will gather in Austin to lay out plans and review educational content-including those speaking proposals-for the year ahead, culminating in our annual conference next June.  Thank you to all our volunteers for giving your time and effort to bring such great content to our members!


We are T minus 10 months until ALL SYSTEMS GO in Orlando next June – see you there!

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