President's Message: July 2016

Right now our industry is undergoing unprecedented change driven by rising customer expectations, new technologies, regulatory issues, and competition just to name a few.  It’s up to us to evolve the systems we depend on – financial systems, technology systems, management systems, etc. in order to keep pace with – and in some cases lead –  that change.  It’s hard work, but it’s also fun.   

Our theme for the year ahead – ALL SYSTEMS GO – means understanding and taking part in the revolutionary things going on in our industry. It means understanding what’s ahead before you get there.  It means being trained, equipped, and ready.  It means being prepared.

IASA is your partner in this mission, bringing together the educational content and solutions community to help you succeed.  I am excited about the year ahead because IASA is pushing the boundaries of the educational content we bring to IASA members.  I look forward to sharing more in upcoming editions of eInterpreter, and I look forward to hearing your ideas.  THANK YOU for being an IASA member and helping us achieve our mission.

It’s T minus 11 months until our annual conference in Orlando.  See you there!