IASA 2016 Educational Conference & Business Show Session Spotlight
#276 The Digital Journey - From Strategy to Implementation

Is the transition to digital in your company’s present or near future?  If so, gain the benefit of Erie Insurance having been in your shoes and weathered the challenges through a successful digital journey.  All the industry talk about changing consumer expectations, delivering the optimum user experience and untraditional competitors poised to disrupt our industry have created the perfect storm for the justification of the development and deployment of a digital strategy.  While the awareness for a digital plan is becoming more and more apparent, weathering this impending storm involves a high degree of complexity and collaboration from where to begin, to who to involve, and how to implement at an enterprise level.

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That’s where Erie can help by sharing their experience in this IASA session.  Joining the Erie speakers will be a representative from Erie’s technology partner ValueMomentum.

Attendees will have the opportunity to hear firsthand how Erie Insurance approached this challenge and took on the digital journey from awareness, to justification, to development, delivery, and digital success.  Erie will share how establishing a strong digital team was critical and required close partnerships, not just between Erie’s business and IT teams, but also their technology solution and services partner.

In addition to the distinguished group of panelists, Matt Josefowicz of Novarica will provide an analyst perspective and moderate the session.  Attendees will have every opportunity to interact directly with the panel to gain insight into lessons learned, common obstacles, and things to consider when operationalizing digital practices.

Session Leader:
Raj Samanthapudi, Value Momentum

Panel Members:
Ruben Fechner, Erie Insurance Group
Ben Noble, Erie Insurance Group
Matthew Josefowicz, Novarica