October President's Message
Rod Travers, IASA 2016-2017 President


Innovation is taking on a new level of intensity in our industry.  While the insurance industry has taken some heat for not being as innovative as other industries, the fact is that over the past five years the advancements in analytics, service operations, telematics, mobile technology, risk modeling, and CAT response have been remarkable. Yet those may seem routine compared to the entrepreneurial innovation that is unfolding today.

IASA is pleased to be working with the Global Insurance Accelerator (GIA) to showcase some of the concepts, management practices, and innovative solutions that are in development and being commercialized with mentorship from a group of forward-thinking insurance carriers.  GIA (www.globalinsuranceaccelerator.com) will present two high-profile sessions at our annual conference in June, as well as bring us updates to our members via the Interpreter and eIntepreter.

We are T minus 8 months until ALL SYSTEMS GO in Orlando, Florida!  See you there!