Second Annual Insurance Careers Month
By Tracey Howells, IASA Industry Relations Committee Member, Admiral Insurance Group (a W.R. Berkley Company)

It is hard to believe that it has been one year since the Insurance Careers Movement began. Hopefully you have been able to engage with young professionals and continue to raise awareness of the vast possibilities a career in insurance has to offer. 

If you haven’t heard, the Insurance Careers Movement started when, “A collaborative meeting of more than 600 insurance carriers, agents/brokers, trade associations and industry partners launched the Insurance Career Movement, beginning with the first-ever Insurance Careers Month in February 2016. Insurance Careers Movement is a cross-industry, multi-phased initiative designed to raise awareness of the dynamic career opportunities in the risk management and insurance profession and to recruit the next generation of industry leaders”.

This year, leading Insurance industry CEOs participated in an international Town Hall webinar that had over one thousand participants from US, Canada, Bermuda and the United Kingdom. Through this platform, insurance professionals encouraged one another to support the Insurance Careers movement as we all listened to a panel of industry leaders as well as three young professionals talk about the opportunities and rewards having a career in insurance offered them.

After listening to the webinar I decided to have a small discussion group of my own to really get an idea of what we can do better to help promote having a career in insurance. The discussion group consisted of a cross functional group of young professionals. Business Analysis intern Jaclyn Ventura, Business Analyst Liam Dolan, Senior Financial Accountant Eric Dreyer and Underwriter Ryan Shroyer were the selected young professionals to help lead the discussion.  All are millennials and together, along with Director of Business Analysis, we had an open and honest discussion of what we as leaders can do and what we should not do.  Here’s what we came up with:

DO visit local colleges and market your company. Most schools don’t see enough insurance carriers at their career fairs. Students are unaware that there are so many different career opportunities within insurance companies so educating them on what the possibilities are is the key to piquing their interest.

DON’T say that there is a conception that insurance is boring. On the contrary, this is not the reason millennials shy away from insurance. Bottom line is they want a career with a stable company and if an insurance company comes along they will jump at the opportunity presented them.

DO visit professional organizations at colleges and universities and highlight a few career options. Most students are not aware what an underwriter or business analyst role means to an insurance company and are usually focused on the insurance sales aspect of the business – a very limited view.

DON’T overlook the power of social media. This is a big part of the millennial lifestyle. Use #CareerTrifecta in your communications and if it is Tuesday use #TalentTuesday. This will draw attention to the movement and keep it going all year long. 

I left our discussion feeling optimistic and completely energized about the future leaders of Insurance. I wish I could share the energy from that discussion through my words… since I can’t; I challenge you to go out and speak with a few young professionals. You deserve to see first-hand what I was so fortunate to experience.  


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