"Show Up, Speak Up, Step Up" - Lessons for Achieving Transformational Presence
By Cindy Powell, President & CEO, Bespoke Management and Technology Services LLC

The Career Skills Development Committee is happy to announce that two of the 2017 IASA Annual Conference sessions will be presented by Eleni Group founder Eleni Kelakos.   Eleni’s background as a NYC actress, touring singer-songwriter and published author, informed her career as a presentation skills coach and trainer.   Since 2003 she has been reaching a wider audience through speaking engagements centered around a philosophy of achieving “Transformational Presence” when delivering presentations or other public speaking opportunities, regardless of your audience size. 

Eleni defines Transformation Presence as “a person’s ability to deeply transform and affect others by being genuinely and passionately present”. 

“The work I do reflects my passionate belief that –metaphorically speaking—like everyone, you have a song worth singing…a purpose, tailor-made for us, with talents and abilities to match. I also believe you’re meant to develop and share that song (your big idea, your talents, your unique message) to the best of your abilities, in spite of limiting beliefs and behaviors that can make you play small when people are watching. Because keeping your song to yourself doesn’t serve you, your customers, or your world. 

Sharing techniques to help you to overcome your limiting beliefs, amping up your Transformational Presence, and helping you create and deliver a clear, compelling message around your product, service or big idea is my way of supporting the song in you and helping you share it with the world.” 

Don’t miss your chance to learn from Eleni on how to “show up, speak up and step up” to create your own Transformational Presence.  Eleni is sharing her techniques during Career Skills Development Sessions 421 – Perform at Your Peak:  Three Principals for Presence Under Pressure and 521 – Think Like an Actor, Speak Like a Pro.  Invest in yourself and make sure at least one of Eleni’s sessions are on your personal conference agenda!