Tools for Hiring & Retaining Top Talent
By Collette Mangold, CFO, Brentwood Services Administrators, Inc.

The generation currently entering the marketplace has an expectation that they will hold numerous jobs, and possibly different careers throughout their lifetime.  Gone are the days that when a new employee walked into a new position and hoped to stay at the same company for the duration of their career.  Likewise, gone are the days when a hiring manager reviews a resume and they looked to see that a prospective employee wasn’t a “job hopper” and they weren’t going to have to train a new employee in the near future.   

Today’s leader needs to balance this trend with recruiting and retaining good talent.

Career Skills Development will be offering two sessions at the 2017 IASA Annual Conference that may provide insight into recruiting and retaining good employees:

Hiring for a Changing Market:  Interview for Innovation.  Patricia Gorecki from Jacobson Group leads a session that will explore the current state of the industry, including trends impacting the talent landscape.  They will discuss best practices and strategies for building an innovative culture through recruitment and engagement.  For the insurance industry, the continued quest for innovation is especially important given constantly evolving marketplace, rapidly changing technology risks and globalization.  In light of this growing disruption and change, fostering a culture of innovation and entrepreneurial spirit is key.  How can insurers transform their current culture to promote innovation?  How can they recruit for entrepreneurial talent?

Creating an Entrepreneurial Culture in an Existing Organization.  Courtney Kiss from Johnson Lambert LLP and Scott McEntee from Farmers Mutual Hail Insurance Co of Iowa lead a session that will explore tangible examples of successes achieved by organizations that have embraced an entrepreneurial culture and innovation by empowering and appreciating employees ideas.  This 60-minute session will shed light on how to encourage and act on entrepreneurial ideas within the structure of an existing organization.  Attendees will leave this session understanding the business case for developing an entrepreneurial culture in their organization.