The Top 30 Under 30: A Chance to Recognize One of Your Next Leaders
By Tracey Howells, Controller, IASA Industry Relations Committee Member, Admiral Insurance Group (a Berkley Company)

We are coming up to our third year of talking about and promoting the Insurance Careers Movement and a lot has happened since we first heard about what originally started out as Insurance Careers Month…well that month has turned into a movement and it is ongoing.  What better way to celebrate a rewarding career in insurance than recognizing someone who has made the choice to have a career in insurance and has made an impact on your organization?

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We are often amazed at the poise and confidence of our up and coming young leaders.  Last year, as a part of second annual Insurance Careers Movement, I had the opportunity to sit with a panel of young professionals (all who happen to be under the age of 30).  Despite the fact that collectively they had less insurance experience than I have had, they made me forget that I was actually the seasoned veteran and reminded me that looking to the next generation of leaders as mentors is an invaluable resource at our fingertips.  New ideas that involve cutting edge technology to drive change are what we all need.  They get it…they get the vision, they get the strategy, and because they like things faster and quicker they embrace change.  

The energy in the room gave me a glimpse into the future of what a vibrant and challenging world we are fortunate to be a part of. After my session, I challenged everyone to go out into their organization and speak to some of their young professionals to experience what I was so fortunate to be a part of last year. The knowledge that young professionals bring to the table, backed by motivation and will to pioneer change is the formula for a great organization. 
IASA has announced its second year of the Top 30 under 30 Program.  This program recognizes 30 outstanding young insurance professionals from IASA member companies from a variety of functional business and technology areas.  We all know someone who has had a positive impact on the business, drives positive change, is creative and has had successful outreach in and outside of the enterprise (through team building, influence, leadership and philanthropic activities).  This is your chance to show them your appreciation and let them know how impactful they are by nominating them.

Not only is this a chance to showcase the type of talent that your company is proud to cultivate, it also gives recognition to someone who deserves to be acknowledged by their colleagues and fellow professionals.  I was proud to be able to have one such professional be nominated from my organization and he was honored to be named as one of the Top 30 Under 30.  

Here is what Liam Dolan, Business Analyst at Admiral Insurance Group said about being selected last year:

“Being selected and acknowledged as one of the Top 30 Under 30 has meant a great deal to me.  My first thought was how proud I am for the accomplishment and honorable recognition.  I felt rewarded that I was making an impact at Admiral Insurance.  But since then, the recognition has aided me to continue learning; all while being able to get involved and support my coworkers enhance their own skills as well.  Subsequently, I have been involved in the internship program allowing me to teach and lead students.  I am also conducting a lunch and learn to share my statistic abilities with my coworkers.  These platforms contribute to the love of my role at my company.  The award goes beyond just the recognition of my organization.  It has given me added confidence to continue on my current path and enhanced my drive.  It has also given me intangible rewards: a great career path, encouragement, impact, high regard, and effectual fulfillment.”

This is your opportunity to give back to someone who has given.

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