Career Skills Exemplified...Right in Front of Us
By Rex Bagwell – Business Development Manager, Salient Commercial Solutions

We have talked in many previous columns about various ideas and virtues that can contribute to the development of our careers. There are many concepts that we can integrate into our careers that will make a positive difference. In this column I want to take a different approach. I want to highlight the impact of a career-long commitment to excellence in both virtues and skills with a flair of fun at the end. 

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Many times what we read in best sellers or hear taught in presentations are the primary sources of provoking changes in our performance. However what IASA also provides is an opportunity to observe the careers of others and the excellence with which they work. These observations, many times up close and personal, allow us to see great virtues and skills that separate exceptional people from the ordinary.

Inside of IASA there are many individuals who provide wonderful examples of how to build a quality career. That is truly one of the many benefits that make volunteering for IASA so valuable. I don’t have the space here to identify all of the volunteers worthy of mention. I haven’t even had the privilege of getting to know them all. But I do want to highlight one of our many outstanding volunteers in this column.

Some of us may work or volunteer in environments where it is subtly implied that seeking positions of high visibility, jockeying for titles and looking for the next rung upward on the ladder are the virtues most associated with success. This one volunteer about whom I write values NONE of those traits. That’s correct – NONE. I have often challenged this individual to consider how IASA would benefit from their insight in leadership roles. Those conversations consistently end with a resounding “not a chance” reply from them.

This individual is quiet as a general rule. Oh yes, this person has passionate views that can be easily expressed along with possessing wonderful character and integrity. You will never hear this person discuss their own virtues. However others throughout IASA will readily affirm this person as one of IASA’s most faithful and committed supporters and sponsors. Instead of looking for opportunities to be noticed by others, this person has built a career on serving others and proven to be most helpful. This individual was a diligent worker and a great learner early in their career, opportunistic enough to start and build their own company and now has an opportunity to leave a great legacy for their family – and IASA.

There are indeed many volunteers in IASA who are diligent, faithful, loyal and more concerned about others than themselves. These really are the virtues that matter in the long run. Prioritizing these selfless virtues over some of the more common self-centered professional pursuits is an invaluable skill that provides opportunities for true career success, as well as the respect and admiration of others throughout one’s career. For all of us who attend IASA events, every name tag points us to a great individual with such excellent career virtues and skills that exemplify what doing it right is really all about!

Now for the fun. If you think you know the volunteer about whom I write, shoot me an e-mail at my address below and I’ll reply to let you know if you are correct. In addition, I challenge you to get to know more of those in IASA beyond just the casual encounter. In doing so, you will most likely uncover other IASA gems like this individual who have much more than is contained in best sellers or offered by fancy presenters to provide your career a standard of excellence for which you can aim. 

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