Chapter Volunteer Profile:

Tiffany Mucci, Senior Tax Accountant, Ohio National Financial Services, VP of Membership, Southwest Ohio Chapter
By Chuck Gunkel, Rainmaker, Swift Print Communications LLC and Vice President Chapters – IASA

eInterpreter: What was the first IASA Chapter event you attended and what inspired you to go?
Mucci: My first IASA event was the spring function for the Southwest Ohio chapter. I am not sure on the year but I do know it was close to when I started in the insurance industry. My boss at the time said that it would be a great way to meet others in the industry and to learn about the accounting within the industry as well.

eInterpreter: What is the biggest benefit of having access to insurance education locally to you and your company?
Mucci: The CPE is great for the individuals in the Cincinnati area. The events also provide an opportunity to get updates that are happening throughout the industry right now.

eInterpreter: If money was no object...what would you love to do for a living?
Mucci: I do love what I do but I also love being outdoors. If money was not an object, I would probably be volunteering for an environmental non-profit somewhere remote or be part of the Peace Corp. I love helping out and feel as if I never have enough time to do all I would like to do.

eInterpreter: Do you have any hobbies that could affect your personal insurance premiums?
Mucci: I like adrenalin but not to the point that it would be considered dangerous enough to affect my premiums. I do go scuba diving but it does not affect my insurance. I would think if I went scuba diving with sharks regularly it would.

eInterpreter: Do you volunteer for any other organization other than IASA?  If so, which organization and why?
Mucci: I have volunteered for Habitat for Humanity, my church, food banks, local charity functions to raise money for children and the zoos. I do not think that volunteering needs a reason why, I do it because I love giving back. I grew up in a community where there were always gatherings and functions, church related or not, and everyone volunteered. I guess that was just how I was raised.

eInterpreter: Besides family and friends, what 3 things could you NOT live without?
Mucci: Books because I love to read and transport myself into another time and place or have the chance to learn something new every day. Second would be candles (with lighter) because even with no electricity I would always have light and fresh scents. Third would be a blanket. I love to be covered up and comfy.

eInterpreter: How did you first get started in the insurance industry?
Mucci: I had an accounting background and when I moved to Cincinnati it seemed logical to work for one of the biggest industries in Ohio.

eInterpreter: What would you say to a colleague, or even a peer at another company, who has never attended an IASA Chapter event about getting involved?
Mucci: Come to one of the events. It is a great way to earn CPE and also a great way to network within the industry. If you don’t like it after the one event, at least you got some great food. If you don’t want to network in such a structured setting, we always have our gold outing in August.

eInterpreter: What is your current job and what aspect of your position do you find most rewarding?
Mucci: I am a Sr. Tax Accountant in Cincinnati. I find most aspects of my job rewarding. I work for an amazing company that allows me to grow every day and learn new things within my job that I did not know before coming here a year ago.

eInterpreter: So after a tough day…is your release a good work out, a certain food, or something over ice? 
None of the above. I think my release after a tough day are these three things: I cannot live without a book, candles and wrapping myself in a warm blanket to relax (maybe with a nice mug of hot tea).

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