"Company Retirement Plans"



The December 2014 IASA Industry Pulse poll was the first in a new three-part series on Employee Benefits and focused on “Company Retirement Plans”.  Each month we will build on what we learned from the prior month’s poll to give members an in-depth view and the ability to ask questions on how employee benefits are being handled membership wide.

This poll asked about the types of retirement plans your company offers, how funding occurs, types of 401(k) plans offered and company matching contributions.

  • We saw a wide variety of plans that are offered to our members in addition to the traditional plans, like 403(b), cash balance plans, ESOP, ESPP, Money purchase plans and profit sharing.
  • Over 97% of respondents have a combination of plans that include 401(k) along with other plans.
  • The structure of the 401(k) offerings was widespread amongst those responding.
  • The most popular contribution to the members 401(k) was to contribute in excess of the company match, 58% contributed in excess of their company’s match.

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