Stop, Drop, and Roll!
By Rex Bagwell – Business Development Manager, Salient Commercial Solutions

Yes this is a Career Skills article, not an elementary school fire drill. We aren’t going to discuss fires or fire drills but I do like this slogan. I want to borrow it for the article today in discussing how I think it is important to begin a new year with a fresh focus.

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I am always amazed at the volume of advertisements for health focused efforts that various health related business and organizations send our way this time of year. These advertisers and businesses understand that many of us are willing to “start” many efforts this time of year. They also realize that whether or not we finish, we are still willing to spend big bucks on just about anything that can possibly alter our undesired behavior and bring us a “better me”.

So I have a special deal for you! For ONLY $19.95 I’m going to send you Stop, Drop and Roll. It will radically change your results in getting that better you. Some of you may have already started your New Year resolutions. If you have, this will still help you. In fact some of you reading this article may have started and already stopped your efforts for improvement!

What you have to fundamentally understand is that good fruit simply can’t grow from bad seed! So I want you to recognize that buying that new wonder working product is NOT always the answer. Many times we need to change the soil in which we plant these wonder working products. That’s right, I am challenging many of us to – change us first!

We first have to STOP impulsively “layering” new products, efforts, memberships etc on top of the existing soil of bad habits, poor self-discipline and selective mediocrity. Many of us are truly excellent in several areas of our lives and careers. However, we choose to allow mediocrity and compromise to rule in a few select areas. Can you imagine a large vegetable garden or a golf course where everything appears to be immaculate from the outside yet sporadically inside are areas that are totally untended and out of character? Come on, we can do this. Let’s bring that excellent care throughout the soil in our minds and hearts first.

BUT WAIT! For only separate shipping and processing I’m going to give you step 2! Many of us have learned from our great rural American experiences or from our school text books that “what we feed lives and what we starve dies”. So next we have to DROP the negative input that is allowed into our efforts. Unfortunately, many of us, at times, can be our own worst enemy. All of us, at some point in our careers and private lives, have looked in the mirror and said: “… it is no use, I’m never getting that promotion.” Or “I can’t . . .” Maybe there are areas in our personal lives that burden our efforts professionally. I truly understand this may not be easy. However, we simply must choose to hear, believe and act on the positive. So by all means, let’s turn our eyes, ears and open minds to more positive, life producing input and celebrate the changes that will result.

Now that we have clarified that we have to STOP trying to plant wonder working seed in soil that isn’t ready, and that we must DROP the negativity that we sometimes weed into our own garden, we are ready for step 3. After you followed the prepping instructions above, now it is time to ROLL out new sod in some of those formerly unproductive areas on which to plant. For some, we need to move quickly and boldly to see results. So put down some fresh good ground. We all have heard, “if you do what you have always done, you will only get what you’ve always had.” Or perhaps you’ve heard the definition of insanity – “doing the same thing over and over again and yet expecting different results”, and thought it only applied to others.

I’m convinced, these 3 simple preparation steps will help us start, and finish our desired resolutions for change much stronger in 2015! So . . .

If you order right now, while supplies last, I will cancel all payments of $19.95 and give you steps 1, 2 & 3 FOR FREE! Call today! Dial the number on your screen! Order your Stop, Drop and Roll!

Rex Bagwell is the business development manager for Salient Commercial Solutions and a long-time national and chapter volunteer for IASA.  He can be reached for further insights via email at

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