Chapter Volunteer Profile:
Rita Goldenberg, Business Development, KeyMark, Chapter Vice President of the IASA Indiana Chapter
By Chuck Gunkel, VP of Business Development, IASA

eInterpreter: What was the first IASA Chapter event you attended and what inspired you to go?
Goldenberg: About 12 years ago, KeyMark was learning about the potential for our products and services in the insurance industry. The first IASA Chapter Event I attended was when KeyMark was a sponsor for the Mid-South Chapter. I remember how impressed I was with the friendliness of the Board Members and attendees. People went our of their way to thank all the exhibitors and sponsors and made me feel welcomed.

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eInterpreter: What is the biggest benefit of having access to insurance education locally to you and your company?
Goldenberg: As a solution provider to the insurance industry, attending meetings has helped me understand more about operational aspects of the industry while increasing my awareness of other types of companies that service your members. Also, since I am constantly learning, it is wonderful that when an insurance question arises I can send an email or call someone because I know them from the chapter meetings and can get a quick and helpful response!

eInterpreter: If money was no object...what would you love to do for a living?
Goldenberg: I would work with a nonprofit food bank to expand reach to needy families. It would give me an opportunity to use what I've learned over the years in business development and combine it with my education and social work background.

eInterpreter: Do you have any hobbies that could affect your personal insurance premiums?
Goldenberg: I am not a real daredevil; however, my husband and I love traveling, riding his motorcycle, and touring in our 1967 Austin Healey. We do have an upcoming trip rafting and camping for a week down in the Grand Canyon. And of course, we have purchased great trip insurance!

eInterpreter: Do you volunteer for any other organization other than IASA?  If so, which organization and why?
Goldenberg: Volunteering has always been important to me. Through my church, I participate in an interfaith hospitality group which works with homeless families. I've also built homes with Habitat for Humanity, been a Board Member for Executive Women in Health Care and was volunteer Executive Director for Episcopal Health Ministries. Helping others and meeting new friends keep life in perspective for me.
eInterpreter: Besides family and friends, what 3 things could you NOT live without?
  1. Coffee First Thing in the Morning
  2. Dark Chocolate After Lunch
  3. Red Wine at Dinner
Always in that order!

eInterpreter: How did you first get started in the insurance industry?
Goldenberg: My first entry into the insurance industry was at a National IASA Conference about 12 years ago when KeyMark was a sponsor/exhibitor. At that same time, I also had been receiving training from KeyMark to better understand the insurance space and how the technologies we implemented automated processes in the different areas and departments at insurance companies.

eInterpreter: What would you say to a colleague, or even a peer at another company, who has never attended an IASA Chapter event about getting involved?
Goldenberg: I'd say, "Come attend the Chapter Meetings and let me introduce you into a wonderful fold who are willing to share knowledge and are fun to be around. You can learn from great presentations and grow your network professionally and personally."

eInterpreter: What is your current job and what aspect of your position do you find most rewarding?
Goldenberg: My current job is Business Development with KeyMark, Inc. I work with companies interested in learning more about document management, workflow and/or data capture. It is always more rewarding when I can work with our sales team to coordinate a discussion with a company that is learning how technology can increase efficiencies and we are able to help with the solution that works best for them.

eInterpreter: So after a tough day…is your release a good work out, a certain food, or something over ice? 
It's definitely taking a fast walk outside while listening to upbeat music on Pandora!

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