Session 571: Maximize Greenfield Project Value: Leveraging People, Core Systems & Analytics
Tuesday, June 9th 1:30-3:00PM

Session Leader:
Karlyn Carnahan, Celent
Panel Members:
Jasmeet Gill, Deloitte Consulting
Doug Cretsinger, GuideOne Insurance
Ben Moreland, Innovation Group

Insurers today must be open to non-traditional growth strategies for capturing market share, such as creating a start-up within an existing insurance company, leveraging experienced staff, operating facilities, and infrastructure, while exploiting natural downtime in distribution channels to get products to market faster. Starting from a greenfield position to introduce new products, insurers can accerlerate new market entry through existing or alternate distribution channels. But, in order to provide extreme flexibility, insurers need clear metrics and visibility into all aspects of such multi-dimensioned growth efforts. Greenfield product deployment with modern core systems that provide real-time visibility into operational metrics though integrated analytics makes insurers better able to proactively manage the business, optimize products, processes and workflows, and thereby take advantage of potential market opportunities. This session will be lead by Karlyn Carnahan of Celent and will feature panel members: Jasmeet Gill of Deloitte Consulting, Doug Cretsinger of GuideOne Insurance, and Ben Moreland of Innovation Group who will enable attendees to learn more about how some insureres are leveraging analytics integrated with modern core systems to achieve results with non-traditional growth strategies. The session will also help attendees to leverage data from modern core systems to quickly adapt new product positioning, identify strategies to successfully deploy multiple net new products, market segments, core systems, and will list gaps in current knowledge that could be filled.

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