Guide for Nominees



VISION:               To be the definitive source of trusted knowledge, credible collaboration, and common business interests, that drives future industry innovation through the practice and alliance of insurance professionals.

MISSION:           The IASA community accelerates professional growth to shape, influence, elevate and strengthen the insurance industry.

The Board:

  • Is the principal governing body of IASA
  • Provides oversight for the business affairs of IASA and reviews and approves all of IASA’s financial matters
  • Works with the Board Chair and Chief Executive Officer, who is responsible for the execution of programs approved by the Board
  • Is responsible for setting the direction for the organization and establishing policies to guide this direction
  • Establishes and monitors the progress of IASA’s plans for the future, including monitoring, updating, and evaluating the implementation
    of strategic plans
  • Continuously seeks to identify future leaders of IASA
  • Values and promotes consensus, cooperation, and participation among all members and as individuals, should not represent
    any particular segment or constituency  group  of the membership, representing  instead the interests of the entire association

 OPEN POSITIONS & ELIGIBILITY                                                                                                                                 

  • Chair-Elect                                              1 Position Available                                         1 year term
  • Secretary-Treasurer                              1 Position Available                                         1 year term
  • Director                                                   3 Positions Available                                       2 year term

Description of open positions:

The Chair-Elect is an officer of the association.  The Chair-Elect shall assist the current Chair and succeed to the Board Chair.  The Chair-Elect shall also perform all duties of the Chair in the event of the Chair’s absence or inability to serve and such other duties as are designated by the Board Chair, Executive Committee or the Board.

The current IASA Chair-Elect, upon confirmation by the board, will automatically become 2022 Board Chair.                                                       

Scott McEntee

Farmers Mutual Hall
West Des Moines, Iowa

Board Members:

The Board  is  the principal  governing body  of  the IASA and  shall  exercise full supervision and control over all  its business  affairs. New officers and board members will assume office on the first day immediately following the IASA
XchangeTM conference (September 1,2021).

The terms of the following officers  and board will expire September 1, 2021 and they are eligible to be nominated only for a position as an officer:

Board Member(s)

Margaret Horn
Everest Reinsurance Company
Liberty Corner, New Jersey

Annette Devine
Woodmen Life
Omaha, Nebraska

Any Board member who has previously served is also eligible for an Officer position.

The current IASA  Board Chair will  automatically  become 2022  Immediate Past  Board Chair September 1, 2021.

Carlos Correa
Warren, New Jersey

The current IASA President will automatically become 2022 Immediate Past President September 1, 2021.                                                                               

Laurie Macklosky

The Hartford
Hartford, Connecticut

The term for the Treasurer will expire September 1, 2021 and they are eligible to be nominated for a position as an officer or Director:

Jason Nickles
Western & Southern Financial Group
Cincinnati, Ohio

The term for the below individual  will expire September 1, 2021 and they are eligible to be nominated as a Director only:

Immediate Past Chair of the Board

Beech Turner
Atlanta, Georgia



  • Nominees for Director positions must be a Full member of the IASA for a minimum of two (2) consecutive years
  • For the officer position of Chair-Elect, nominees must be a Full member who has previously served on the IASA Board
  • For the officer position of Secretary-Treasurer, nominees must be a Full member of the IASA for a minimum of two (2) consecutive years
  • Nominees must have significant leadership experience within the industry or related organizations
  •  Nominees  must have:
    •  An understanding  of  the Bylaws, current Strategic  Plan, Board and Operational Policies and the Board Code of Conduct
    •  Commitment to the organization and its mission
    •  Knowledge about the programs and goals of the organization
    •  Capacity to focus that knowledge on decision making that benefits the organization as a whole
    •  Ability and eagerness to operate with values, vision and the long-term future of the organization
    •  Ability to participate assertively in deliberation
    •  Excellent communication skills with an appreciation for diversity

Commitments from the Board:

  • If you agree to be considered as a nominee for an officer or Board position with IASA, you should be aware of the following criteria:
  • One year for each term of service for The Officer positions of Chair-Elect, Chair and Past-Chair.  These are progressive terms resulting in a 3 year commitment; Officer position of Secretary-Treasurer has a 1 year term.  Two year term of service for Directors with possibility of second 2 year term.
  • Attendance at twelve (12) official board meetings that take place each year
    • June in conjunction with the IASA XchangeTM conference
    • Monthly Zoom meetings
  • Officers must participate in scheduled Executive Committee conference calls (monthly)
  • New Directors must participate in the Board orientation meeting prior to the start of the IASA XchangeTM conference
  • Directors are assigned as a liaison to one of IASA’s committees with the expectation that they will participate in regular committee
    meetings and activity in addition to regular communication with the committee.


2022 Chair-Elect, Secretary-Treasurer and Board Nominations Timeline

IASA  has  established the following timeline for the nomination process.
Dates  listed below are for  the 2021 Calendar year.

  • April 12 – Call for Nominations is provided to the membership with a deadline for submissions of close of business, May 14.
  • May 17 – May 28  Nominations are reviewed by IASA staff for eligibility. Individuals who meet the eligibility requirements are provided with an online link to the written application, reference form and the guide for nominees. Individuals that do not meet the criteria are provided a response explaining the reasons for ineligibility. The list of all candidates that have been excluded will be provided to the nominating committee with reasoning.
  • June 4 – Deadline for nominees to submit applications and supporting information including candidate position statements.
  • June 9 – Candidate packets sent to Nominating Committee
  • June 14 – June 25 – Zoom interviews are conducted with qualified candidates by members of the IASA Nominating Committee
  • June 28 – July 2 – The Nominating Committee meets via teleconference to review candidate application materials, results of phone interviews and reference letters. After careful deliberation, the committee selects candidates for the Board Chair and Directors and reports to the current Board Chair and CEO no later than July 6.
  • July 12 – Ballot is opened to membership for vote of proposed candidates.
  • August 20 – Membership vote for Board Chair and Directors closes.
  • August 31 – Votes are verified by office staff.
  • September 1 – Elected Chair-Elect Directors are notified by Board Chair and CEO.

As you complete your application, please consider the following questions: SELF ASSESSMENT AND SELECTION PROCESS

  1. Why do I want to serve as an elected leader of IASA?
  2. Am I willing to dedicate necessary time and adhere to deadlines to fulfill the commitments required by Directors?
  3. Do I have adequate support and understanding from my own organization and family?
  4. Can I communicate effectively? Can I deliver the message to others?
  5. Can I set aside my personal biases to respond to the needs of the entire membership and organizations?
  6. Can I identify and work with the staff and other Directors effectively?
  7. Can I move my contributions to other areas of service for IASA when my Board term has ended?

The Nominating Committee will use the following guidelines in determining the final slate:

  1. Experience related to key skill sets sought by the Board (Question 1 under individual commitment to IASA as a Director on written application)
  2. Candidate’s involvement in:
    • IASA activities (committee participation, chapter involvement, speaking engagements, etc.)
    • Industry activities
    • Social, civic and charitable organizations
  3. Candidate’s recognized leadership role within IASA, the industry, and other organizations
  4. Board balance, i.e., geography, ethnicity, gender, general and overall composition based upon occupational position.

The Nominating Committee will  thoroughly  review all nominee applications. The application process consists  of  reviewing
the following elements to determine demonstrated  competency:

Written Application (40%): Your resume and summary of contributions and accomplishments within IASA and the Insurance industry/community. Your individual talents and skills that will make you a valuable member of the IASA Board.

Zoom Interview (60%): Your responses to the structured and standardized Zoom interview questions from members of the Nominating Committee.


Contact: Kerry Crockett, MBA, CAE, CMP, DES
Chief Executive Officer, IASA