IASA Travel Scholarship

The IASA Travel/Meeting Scholarship Program assists insurance industry Students and Early Career members in attending the IASA XchangeTM and IASA XchangeTM lite meetings.

Scholarships of up to $200.00 for in-person events and $100.00 for virtual events will be provided by IASA.

Criteria for Application
•       Scholarships will be given to Students and Early Career members who have a demonstrable need for financial support to attend the IASA XchangeTM and IASA XchangeTM lite meetings.
•      All Applicants must provide a supporting letter from a Department Head or Supervisor attesting to the need for travel/meeting assistance and the benefit of attending the meeting.
•      Click here to download the supporting letter template. Please give this template to your dept. head or supervisor to complete.
•      Include the completed letter with your submission by uploading it via the application form.
•      Notification of IASA Travel/Meeting Scholarship is posted on the IASA website announcing availability at least (2) months prior to the IASA XchangeTM lite event or at the same time as registration opens for the IASA XchangeTM annual conference.

Preference will be given to:

•     Applicants who have never attended an IASA Annual Conference
•     Applicants who have been members of the IASA for more than 3 years and have not yet attended an annual meeting
•     Insurance industry professionals just beginning their careers (in practice less than 3 years)
•     Must be a member of IASA to qualify


Eligible Expenses Covered by the Award
Economy coach fare air travel to and from the meeting location, up to four nights lodging at a conference hotel, and general meeting registration not to exceed the award of up to $200.00.

Virtual Events: General meeting registration fees not to exceed the award of up to $100.00.

Not Covered: Membership dues, fees for courses that have additional charges.


Award Allocation
Applicants will be notified of the results of the award process one month prior to the meeting, leaving time to register for the meeting. Failure of the successful awardees to register for the meeting prior to the registration deadline will result in forfeiture of the scholarship.

Apply Here for the Scholarship Application

For questions, please contact Kelli Bohannon at kbohannon@iasa.org