In-person Chapter Meeting Cancelled
Hold On......We have an Alternative!

Have you ever been the first one to try something new, forged an uncharted path, took a big risk, stepped into the unknown? That is what the Midwest IASA Chapter did when they held the first IASA Virtual Conference on April 23 and 24.   

The Midwest Chapter had to cancel its in-person Spring conference due to recent events related to the Covid-19 pandemic but felt it was important to its attendees to provide an alternative educational opportunity.  With the help of the IASA staff, the Chapter was able to pull together a two-day conference comprised of 3 to 4 hours of sessions per day over two days utilizing the Zoom platform. 

Was it flawless?  Of course not, no conference is.  What it successful?  From the feedback given by attendees, we’d give it a resounding YES!   Was the virtual/online conference engaging?   Attendees had the opportunity to ask questions to the presenters through the Chat and Q&A features and they took full advantage of these features!   In fact, we had the most questions ever asked at one of our conferences.     Overall, the conference accomplished what we had hoped and brought value to the attendees.  

The attendees themselves summed that up best in their responses: engaging, informative, smooth, impressed.   A few of the actual comments were: 
“Great job for everyone putting this together for a virtual conference.  I was very impressed at how smoothly it went!”
“Thank you so much for putting this together! Really appreciate all the hard work and flexibility.”
“You all did a fantastic job with this, thank you for the time and effort you no doubt put into it.”, “Engaging and informative. Thank you!”
“I thought the format worked really well.”
“Huge thanks to everyone responsible for making this happen!”
“Great presentations! Great session, very timely”

At the end of the day, pivoting to a virtual offering was a lot of work, but the experience was exhilarating, full of opportunity and well worth the effort!  

From our family to yours.  Stay safe.  Stay healthy.