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Micro-volunteering is volunteering that can be completed in a limited amount of time. Micro-volunteering is a critical component of IASA’s volunteer strategy, as it eliminates the time barrier which often prevents some members from being able to participate.  

IASA’s micro-volunteering activities allow for one-off interactions. It increases engagement by allowing volunteers to support our organization without committing to a regular volunteer schedule.  

We find that micro-volunteering with IASA often leads to long-term engagement, through our chapters or on a national committee.  

Examples of micro-volunteering opportunities with IASA include:  

  • Textbook authors and editors   
  • Pilot testers for educational offerings  
  • Knowledge resource volunteers  
  • Focus group participation  
  • Staffing the IASA booth at IASA Xchange™
  • Survey panel participants  
  • Other short-term projects 

To learn more about micro-volunteering opportunities with IASA, please the Volunteer Opportunities page or contact the Member Engagement Team for more information. 

Current Micro-volunteering Opportunities


The Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Advisory Council will assist IASA with the development of a strategy that will attract the ERM market segment. This will focus on a process that will include a gap analysis and needs assessment, education development and marketing.  

The ERM Advisory Council will drive the development of an overall ERM strategy which will include identifying gaps in current products and services for this market segment, identifying focused educational topics for development and advising on appropriate marketing messaging. 

We are seeking eight (8) to ten (10) member leaders who are currently in the ERM space who are actively interested in assisting IASA with expanding its community into this market segment. 

The ERM Advisory Council is not a standing committee, and its term will conclude when the project is completed.  

Deadline for applications: Open until filled

How to Apply: Click here to apply for this opportunity.  

Call for June IASA Xchange™ 2023 Pilot Testers // Earn CPEs

The more you test, the more you earn. If you need multiple CPEs and enjoy reviewing riveting content, this is a great opportunity for you to review IASA Xchange™ sessions and evaluate them for on-demand offerings in the eLearning Center. The project lasts for one week following IASA Xchange™ in June. Participants can test multiple times, and no content knowledge is necessary. You will not be assigned sessions to attend for IASA Xchange™. Participants have one week to complete the testing. Click here to offer your expertise by May 31, 2023. Pilot tests needed: 275.



Description: Individuals with industry experience and expertise in the following areas to serve as graders of submissions for annual conference session content and content for various distribution channels through IASA Xchange 2023 content portal.  Volunteers are needed in the following areas: Business Operations, Risk, Finance, WIL (Women in Leadership), DE&I, Technology, HR/Professional Development, Marketing, Legal, Executive Leadership and Hot Topics. 

Responsibilities: Review and grade Call for Content submissions for topic relevance/interest to the industry and final selection by the Education Committee using grading software. Training for software will be provided.

Duration of Project Needs: IASA Xchange event  

Call for Content Portal: Ongoing/Periodic

Grading training: TBD 

Grading period: TBD

Grading Turnaround time: One week 

Time of Commitment: Varies based upon number of submissions, approximately 1 – 3 hours  

Number of Volunteers Needed: Unlimited 

Type of communication Required (phone, video calls, F2F): Email, Computer with internet connection to access grading software 

Desired/Required Skill Set: Ability to access software, review Call for Content session information and evaluate session based upon industry relevance and Knowledge Resource Volunteer’s content expertise.  

Deadline for applications: August 15, 2022

How to Apply: Link


IASA is updating the Life and Accident and Health accounting book this year. Not only will the content be updated, but the title is also being revised to reflect the recent merging of the Life and the Fraternal statutory statements. The updated title will be the Life, Accident and Health / Fraternal Accounting book. When completed, the new edition will also include a new, separate chapter on Accident & Health (Health) business.  

Toward that endeavor, IASA is looking for volunteer authors for the following chapters and/or subject matter.   

  • Real Estate Investments 
  • Mortgage Loans 
  • Policy and claim reserves for life/annuity/deposit-type products 
  • Liabilities for Other Policy Amounts (Policy & Claim Reserve Liabilities are handled separately) 
  • Revenues 
  • Benefits 
  • Expenses 
  • Separate Accounts 
  • Treasury Management 
  • Federal Income Taxation 
  • Risk-Based Capital 
  • Mergers and Acquisitions, Consolidations and Holding Companies 

Authors will be furnished copies of the current chapter as the basis for their work. The author will then determine if they need only update the chapter or re-write it. The goal is for all chapters to be completed and returned no later than the end of September 2022.  

Keep in mind, whether the existing chapter, which is available for everything except the new A&H chapter, is just updated or the chapter is completely re-written is at the discretion of the author.  

Deadline for applications: Open until filled

How to Apply: Click here to apply for this opportunity. 

Questions? Email our team.