IASA provides the highest tangible and intangible value for its members — individual professionals, insurance carrier, and solution provider companies.

The preeminent organization serving all segments and career levels of the insurance industry, the tangible and intangible value of IASA’s membership is unmatched. Through our industry-leading national events, top-tier content, expansive network (13,000+ members!), regulatory relationships, industry partnerships, and Board and committee members representing the best-of-the-best insurers in the nation, among other benefits, IASA’s inherent value is unbeatable.

IASA is more than a professional trade association made up of insurance professionals — brokers, agents, adjusters, executives, etc.

Our members are forward-thinking game-changers, epic problem-solvers, innovators, creative thinkers, researchers, advocates, equality warriors, climate champions, national speakers, published authors, and stars of their own story. IASA members give their clients hope when times are tough, provide resources when they are scarce, offer a hand up when they are down, provide peace of mind when the world around them is chaotic, offer protection against future tribulations, provide time to heal and recover when they suffer a loss, and so much more. These are the profiles of IASA members.

Everyday heroes.

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