Call for Nominations


For two-year term June, 2022 – June, 2024


IASA’s Call for Nominations is now closed. Thank you to those who have stepped forward to help lead IASA into the future. Stay tuned to vote for your leaders.

Nominate members for the following positions:

Chair-Elect, 1 position available, 1 year term
Secretary-Treasurer, 1 Position Available, 1 year term
Director,  3 positions available, 2 year term

New directors and officers will assume office on the first day immediately following 2022 IASA Xchange™.


Self-nominations are permitted.

Qualifications and Commitments 


    • Nominees must be a Full member of the IASA for a minimum of two (2) consecutive years
    • For an officer position, nominees must be a Full member who has previously served on the IASA Board of Directors
    • Nominees must have significant leadership experience within the industry or related organizations
    • Nominees must have:
      • An understanding of the Bylaws, current Strategic Plan, Board and Operational Policies and the Board Code of Conduct
      • Commitment to the organization and its mission
      • Knowledge about the programs and goals of the organization
      • Capacity to focus that knowledge on decision making that benefits the organization as a whole
      • Ability and eagerness to operate with values, vision, and the long-term future of the organization
      • Ability to participate assertively in deliberation
      • Excellent communication skills with an appreciation for diversity


    Commitments from Board Members:

    • If you agree to be considered as a nominee for an officer or Board position with IASA, you should be aware of the following criteria:
    • One year term of service for Officers; Two year term of service for Directors
    • Attendance at six (6) official board meetings that take place each year
      • June in conjunction with the IASA Xchange conference
      • Bi-monthly Zoom meetings
    • Officers must participate in scheduled Executive Committee conference calls (bi-monthly)
    • New Directors must participate in the Board orientation meeting prior to the start of the IASA Xchange conference
    • Directors are assigned as a liaison to one of IASA’s committees with the expectation that they will participate in regular committee meetings and activity in addition to regular communication with the committee.


    For more information, contact [email protected].

2022 Chair-Elect, Secretary-Treasurer, and Board Nominations Timeline

IASA has established the following timeline for the nomination process. Dates listed below are for the 2022-2023 Calendar year.


Nov 22 – Jan 14 (8 weeks) Call for Nominations is provided to the membership with a deadline for submissions of close of business, Jan 14.
Jan 17 – 28 Nominations are reviewed by IASA staff for eligibility. Individuals who meet the eligibility requirements are provided with an online link to the written application, reference form and the guide for nominees.
Feb 6 Deadline for nominees to submit applications and supporting information including candidate position statements.
By Feb 11 Candidate packets sent to Nominating Committee
Feb 14 – 18 Nominating Committee meets to review candidate vetting and evaluation process
Feb 21 – Mar 4 (2 weeks) Zoom interviews are conducted with qualified candidates by members of the IASA Nominating Committee
Mar 7 – 11 (1 week) The Nominating Committee meets via teleconference to review candidate application materials, results of phone interviews and reference letters. After careful deliberation, the committee selects candidates for the Board Chair, Secretary-Treasurer and Board Directors and reports to the current Board Chair and CEO no later than March 18.
Mon, Mar 28 (6 weeks) Ballot is opened to membership for vote of proposed candidates.
Fri, May 6 Membership vote for Chair-Elect, Secretary-Treasurer and Board Directors closes.
Mon, May 9 Votes are verified by office staff.
May 10 – 11 Elected Chair-Elect, Secretary Treasurer and Board Directors are notified by Board Chair and CEO.